The Digital Pathway

With Adprime Star, vast reach, precision targeting, advanced optimization and reporting all go to work for your brands so that you can connect with consumers in all stages of the funnel. Simply stated, we have developed the digital pathway to engage with and capture the attention of consumers by matching your brand's message with their interests on any device.

Advertisers Overview


Adprime Star reaches 200 million visitors across the U.S. monthly. Reach your target audience by endemic content, or in their natural digital habit.


Connect with your audience utilizing some of the most advanced targeting methodology in the industry. From content to advanced contextual, proprietary data to psychographics, we enable you to reach your target consumers to realize campaign objectives.


Understanding your campaign objectives is the key to our success. Our ad operations team optimizes each campaign by continuously trying to replicate conditions in which users tend to click on your ad, considering compound factors such as performance data, budget, available inventory, demographics, user behavior, etc… to optimize for utmost performance.

Brand Safety & Awareness

All of the sites on our network go through strict review process before they are included in our network. To add another layer of assurance, we partner with 3rd party verification providers to make sure that your ads are being delivered as planned.


We build custom channels according to your target audience and the goal of the campaign.